If your a blogger and would like to join us in the UK/EU Blog hop and host your own giveaway, please email uk.eusummerhop@gmail.com. If you have any problems email either bookpassion11@gmail.com or booksforcompany@gmail.com to sign up.
Deadline to sign up to host a giveaway is 30th July.

Monday, 1 August 2011

UK & EU Introduction Giveaway Winners!

The lucky winner who gets to choose from these books...

Margarita Kancheva

The 2 lucky winners who get a swag pack...

Katja & Beata Tothova

The lucky winner who gets an ebook copy of..
Cover for 'Illicit Magic'
Tamara Basic

The lucky winners will be emailed within the next hour.
Winners will need to confirm they live within the EU and if not new winners will be picked!

1st August Is Here!!

The winners of the introduction giveaway will be announced at 8pm Monday evening!

Please do note a  lot of the prizes are being shipped from The Book Depository
If The Book Depository doesn't ship to you?
A few people who entered the Introduction Giveaway said that The Book Depository doesn't ship to them. If this is so please look at the blogs below who are sending prizes out themselves. 

The rules for both hosts and participants are here
All giveaways end on 8th August

Monday, 18 July 2011

Introduction Giveaway

What is the Introduction Giveaway? 

This is a giveaway based on getting the UK & EU Summer Hop started and getting it as much 'attention' as possible by you guys tweeting.

What can l get for tweeting? 
This is why we have set up this giveaway. By tweeting about the hop + introduction giveaway you will be entered into a giveaway where you have 4 chances to win 4 prizes. You do need to fill the form out.

How to enter
Tweet about the hop + the introduction giveaway - 
Tweet this: Introduction Giveaway for UK + EU Summer Hop hosted by @BooksforCompany @BookPforLife http://ukandeusummerhop.blogspot.com/
Fill this form in

People within the UK & EU only
Tweeting is your original entry
Make sure you tag @booksforcompany & @BookPforLife in your tweets
Extra entries : You can tweet 3 extra times within the 2 weeks for an extra entry per a tweet. Each tweet must be 2 days apart.
Ends on July 31st, 2011

What Can I Win in The Introduction Giveaway?
Swag Pack Number 1

Swag Pack Number 2

One winner can choose from these:

One winner will get an ebook copy of :
Cover for 'Illicit Magic'
Thanks Camilla!

What Can I Win in the UK & EU Summer Hop?
There is over 31 chances to win books so make sure you come back on 1st August for the linky list of people taking part! A list of the  genres being given away and bloggers taking part is here

Another update on emails!

Hiya Everyone,
Please don't worry if you didn't get an email, obviously something went wrong so l will be sending it out again to anyone who hasn't replied either today or tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Email Probelm

It seems a lot of you didn't get the email!
For anyone who didn't please comment here with email (if you don't wish to do this then a link to your blog where l can find your email) and l will send it over.
Anyone who hasn't answered by Wednesday will be getting another email. 

Confirmed Participations

Please do not add your link to this list, only Donna and Jodie can edit this!
All participations in the hop will be added when they email back and confirm they are taking part. 

Friday, 20 May 2011


Hiya everyone!
Just a quick message to say about donations. If anyone has a spare £1, or anything at all, 50p, 20p... anything(!) then please email me - booksforcompany@gmail.com. I am making a list of people who have VERY kindly said they can donate and then 4/3 weeks before the hop starts l will email and see if your still able to donate. This will be by paypal but l am happy to sort another way out if paypal isn't possible for you.

Where do the donations go?
Donna has a  lovely surprise for the swag giveaway which has cost a bit of money and also the money to send the swag packs to the winners. Any money will help to cover Donna's P&P costs PLUS also the cost for the book which we are giving away 2 weeks before the hop. This book is being given away is to help spread the word about the hop.

Please visit the donation page, it doesn't have to be money donations or swag will also be a big help for us.

I will NOT use the money for anything else but P&P cost and covering the cost of the book we are giving away two weeks before.

Kate and Lesley have already VERY kindly offered to donate which we really appreciate. THANK YOU!!! (If you are now unable to do this, just drop me an email =])
Also thank you to Michelle for sending some swag to Donna to use for our swag giveaway

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