If your a blogger and would like to join us in the UK/EU Blog hop and host your own giveaway, please email uk.eusummerhop@gmail.com. If you have any problems email either bookpassion11@gmail.com or booksforcompany@gmail.com to sign up.
Deadline to sign up to host a giveaway is 30th July.


If any people would like to make donations me and Donna will very happily accept.

Authors/Publishers -
Any swag is really appreciated. We are planning a swag giveaway (explained here) and anything which could be donated would be received with a big thanks. We would prefer it if it could be sent to one of us first so we can add it to our current swag which we will be giving away but if this is not possible then it being sent straight to the winner is fine.
Also (of course) we would love any authors and publishers who are happy to donate a book, we are open for it to be sent to us and then us send it to the winner or it be sent directly from you to the winner.

For anyone who feels they have a spare £1 and could donate it to the giveaway would be amazing. Me and Donna will be paying for the giveaway which is hosted on this site 2 weeks before as well as the swag giveaway. Donna has very kindly said she will pay for the swag giveaway but she has a extra little treat for the swag winners which is going to cost money. Anyone who very kindly donates will be told what their money is going towards and will only be spent on THE GIVEAWAYS.

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