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Friday, 20 May 2011


Hiya everyone!
Just a quick message to say about donations. If anyone has a spare £1, or anything at all, 50p, 20p... anything(!) then please email me - booksforcompany@gmail.com. I am making a list of people who have VERY kindly said they can donate and then 4/3 weeks before the hop starts l will email and see if your still able to donate. This will be by paypal but l am happy to sort another way out if paypal isn't possible for you.

Where do the donations go?
Donna has a  lovely surprise for the swag giveaway which has cost a bit of money and also the money to send the swag packs to the winners. Any money will help to cover Donna's P&P costs PLUS also the cost for the book which we are giving away 2 weeks before the hop. This book is being given away is to help spread the word about the hop.

Please visit the donation page, it doesn't have to be money donations or swag will also be a big help for us.

I will NOT use the money for anything else but P&P cost and covering the cost of the book we are giving away two weeks before.

Kate and Lesley have already VERY kindly offered to donate which we really appreciate. THANK YOU!!! (If you are now unable to do this, just drop me an email =])
Also thank you to Michelle for sending some swag to Donna to use for our swag giveaway

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